Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Modern Art with a Toddler

Decided to enjoy the weather by walking home through riverside park. Especially delighted this year by the rotating public art, typically art student master's thesis projects. I realized i missed art history bullshi--ing.

Was contemplating interiority. From how the half finished human sculptures carved out of stone brought us into the artists studio, inside the artists process. To the art with literal interior spaces: the wooden tetrahedron with communist murals painted on the inside instead of the out, to the metal teepee with its sides pried open, inviting you inside where holes punched into the metal would cast dappled shadows in a hexagonal pattern evoking DNA. The No Parking sign that suddenly sprouted metal branches like a metalic tree, next to a tree like metal street lamp immediately brought you inside a dream like world of organic metal, while my favorite piece was a metal bird whose highly reflective surface (like the Chicago bean) would suck you into its interior, like Michale Crichten's Sphere or Supermans's phantom zone.

Was so excited I brought my 19 month old son later that day, and got to experience the art in a new way. As we stood pondering a calder like metal construct, thinking it looked like a dog, my son shouted "Neigh neigh" his word for horse. I was like, ha, yes, even a 1 year old can "get" abstract art. Later on, at the half formed sculptures, my toddler was deeply disturbed. He screamed and pointed away anytime we got close. I guess there is something deeply disturbing about partial human bodies coming out of rock.