Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weekend at the Jersey Shore - July 2012

Expecting Snooki, but instead finding very hip intentionally distressed boardwalks. Clearly they have seen down times recently, but now are cleaned up, but not too clean, retaining a tres-brooklyn hipster authenticity. (photo album here)

A fantastic stay at the Tandem Bike B&B (Belmar, NJ), new furnishings, modern design, with a super nice recently retired couple who retired to the shore to become inn keepers, with super convenient free bikes (tandem of course), beach chairs and blankets and towels and wagons and tags, and cookies and brownies and interesting iced teas.

But not just beaching, we saw a huge odd Christian open air wooden church surrounded by a century old tent community, featuring speakers like Kirk Cameron and Frank Sinatra Jr, fireworks on the beach being launched just a stones throw from where we sat, roller derby!, beach volleyball, and a lobster fests.

Most surprisingly though was that it was shockingly white, especially given the predominantly black neighborhoods just a 10 minute walk past the fancy vacation properties, and the fact that NYC was less than an hour away--we hardly saw any minorities the whole weekend, a reminder of the monochromaticity of middle America.

Still a great fun easy escape, just a boat ride from Manhattan.

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