Sunday, November 04, 2012

Leaf Peep: Oct 2012

Fall in the Northeast. Leaves changing. Visits to Storm King. A touch of the sublime. Maya Lin's Wave field that subverts our notion of space and time, transporting you to a super mario world where grass undulates like ocean waves and people move through skewed 8-bit perspectives. Goldsworthy's Wall that forces a contemplation of the functional purpose of walls as it undulates between trees dividing meadow from forest and limning the boundaries of space. The new piece Solarium, whose windows filled with caramelized sugars whose colors perfect echo the oranging leaves, the tree's used up sugar factories. And one of many Calder style steel stabiles, so cramped in museums and college campuses but at home in the mystical valley of Storm King.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weekend at the Jersey Shore - July 2012

Expecting Snooki, but instead finding very hip intentionally distressed boardwalks. Clearly they have seen down times recently, but now are cleaned up, but not too clean, retaining a tres-brooklyn hipster authenticity. (photo album here)

A fantastic stay at the Tandem Bike B&B (Belmar, NJ), new furnishings, modern design, with a super nice recently retired couple who retired to the shore to become inn keepers, with super convenient free bikes (tandem of course), beach chairs and blankets and towels and wagons and tags, and cookies and brownies and interesting iced teas.

But not just beaching, we saw a huge odd Christian open air wooden church surrounded by a century old tent community, featuring speakers like Kirk Cameron and Frank Sinatra Jr, fireworks on the beach being launched just a stones throw from where we sat, roller derby!, beach volleyball, and a lobster fests.

Most surprisingly though was that it was shockingly white, especially given the predominantly black neighborhoods just a 10 minute walk past the fancy vacation properties, and the fact that NYC was less than an hour away--we hardly saw any minorities the whole weekend, a reminder of the monochromaticity of middle America.

Still a great fun easy escape, just a boat ride from Manhattan.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Diner Theory - Pondering cultural isomorphism and the ur-brooklyn - Melbourne August 2012

Wandering around Melbourne I was impressed at how appealing all the food places looked. It made me wonder if the same cultural signifiers that work to identify a restaurant with great food in New York just by appearances, also worked here. After a week of trying, they seem to.

I've noted before that most fancy restaurants in every city in the world serve the same "contempo" international food: local, organic, grass-fed, sous-vide, molecular foams/gelee/dirts (but not too much), farm to table, pork belly, poached farm egg, mesculun greens, bacon-infused (the ones behind the curve still serve wasabi encrusted tuna and molten chocolate cake).

At Melbourne, I noticed the same cultural isomorphism (my jargon has been infected by the sociologist I have been hanging out with) appeared at the lower end restaurants. (of course food was crazy expensive in Australia so lower-end still meant $20+). But it was all very tres brooklyn.

All these restaurants had hip fonts, the same distressed brick walls, nice graphic design, committment to local and organic, hipster baristas with interesting facial hair and skinny jeans (no retro hats yet though), committment to craft and hand made, over elaborate coffee devices, spare ikea aesthetic, authentic uncompromising ethnic foods.

But makes me wonder where is the ur-brooklyn. The Platonic brooklyn. Where did it all come from and how does it spread so fast. Which reminds of institutional theory from grad school, as well as my surprise when I discovered playground games we played in New Jersey seemed to be known throughout the United States if not the world.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Year in Review

Year in Review... Some photos from our travels. In 2011, we began the year recovering from our trip to India, and were fortunate enough to have visited Aruba, Bermuda, Colorado, Malaysia (for diving and the 2-day climb up and down Mt Kinabalu), Hong Kong, Vermont, Grand Teton and Yellowstone, and California (where we attended Romina's brother's wedding), as well as lovely day trips exploring Ben's new work environs--the Hudson Valley (Storm King and the CIA are especially notable) and staycations in New York (like the Quidditch World Cup and a safari to Williamsburg).