Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Williamsburg Bridge - August 2011

Some photos from our trip to Williamsburg Brooklyn and the ridiculously hip Smorgasbord market, a parking lot food market filled with foodie locavore contempo american food stalls staffed by 20-something brooklines hipsters wearing fancy hats. Though in the end, tasty food, worth the trip, and I appreciate that Williamsburg has managed to preserve its hipster character, even as Soho and the Village are now super gentrified. I've also decided that the local blue bottle coffee is my new favorte coffee spot in NYC. Amazingly flavorful brewed coffee, lots of mocha flavor. Pretty much doing the same thing as your home drip machine but with a much more "authentic narrative."

My friend asked me why all the "old-timey" filters on my photos. Mostly because I've been using the iphone app Hipstamatic (appropriate for Williamsburg) but also since I learned at the Newseum (my favorite DC museum) that several of the photo of the year awards for photo journalism went to photos taken on a hipstamatic, which gives it legitiamacy, but mostly precisely because of the all the control it takes away from you, (while replicating the hip vintage trappings of analog and making you learn old lenses and old films while giving you a nice replica analog user interface), giving you an imprecise rangefinder style viewfinder, and the inability to change filters (like the camera plus app which I've had for years but never use) has returned serendipity and a bit of skill to photography and has made it fun again.

Also, much more practical than my big old SLR, and practically, the filters hides the fact that the iPhone doesn't handle low light very well, so takes great photos at night too.

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