Monday, July 04, 2011

Denver - January 2011

Catching up on posting these old photos. Was busy last semester with job market and teaching, so finally getting a chance to catch up. Not much to say about the Denver photos. Nice that R- got to join me for a day or two after the interviews. Surprisingly good local gins, great local contempo food (fruition), even the Rocky Mountain Oysters at buckhorn exchange. The hotel gin martinis with local gin were appreciated, but the french one (g-vine) was most memorable. R-'s first time skiing in many many years, and did amazingly well. Did a lot of research on local ski places, Loveland was a great nearby place, good if you're experienced, short lines, but ancient lifts which run slow but pickup fast. Keystone was more beginner friendly, had a nice learners area, without the craziness of the big names, and high speed detachable lifts and gondolas. Oh, and unfortunately, the post-9/11 terrorism museum that couldn't figure out what its acronym (CELL) stood for wasn't open, but the whole concept fascinated me. Esp that it would be in Denver of all places. I like weird museum concepts, like the po-mo food museum and the anthropology museum in geneva, or the news museum in DC. New math museum in nyc sounds exciting.

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