Saturday, July 02, 2011

Aruba - June 2011

Nice mix of beach trip, diving, and a nice hike. Learned some history and geography (formerly Dutch, and so lots of Gouda food these days. part of the A-B-C with Bonaire and Curacao off the coast of Venezuela, so its oil refinery that we drove by used to be the 2nd largest in the world and we saw a constant stream of oil tankers coming in and out.)

Not nearly as crazy dense as Bermuda (about twice the size of Manhattan or 1.5 the size of Disney World (thank you Wolfram Alpha) with only 100,000 people. Mostly full island but didn't feel densely populated at all.  I liked the colorful but subdued tropical style of the houses, each island seems to have its own palette (less precious than Bermuda).

Most surprising fact was that most of the supermarkets were quite large and all had Chinese names.
We weren't able to pinpoint just when that happened. Diving was some of the best we've been.

Mostly because warm water meant I could dive without a wet suit (which is liberating), but also great wrecks in shallow-ish water. Nice hike in what felt like the middle of nowhere, about 4-6 miles roundtrip, to a "secluded" natural pool. We were all alone there for about 30 seconds when a caravan tour of jeeps showed up disgorging a boatload of other tourists. But a crowd can be fun too.

From Aruba - June 2011

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