Sunday, May 08, 2011

Camera recommendations?

New photos to come soon. But for the interim, a student of mine asked me for camera recommendations. My answer is that it depends on price range and how serious you are about photography. Lumix made by Panasonic tends to be a good brand. The most popular brand is probably Canon. But Lumix uses Leica lenses, so serious photography people tend to prefer it, also for its anti-mainstream identity signaling value. Though the authority I tend to trust for most of my camera purchases is blogger Ken Rockwell I agree with him on his favorite pocket camera (a camera with the SLR style controls I had been wishing for, for a decade). He also has recommendations in the $120 range.

That said, these days I'm a strong believer in my phone camera. I use the iPhone. Partly because this article in Tech Review that convinced me that the future of photography is software not hardware. But once the iPhone had video capability (I think video is nice to capture scenic views, and the feeling of spaces), it has become my default camera. It's not as good as an exclusive point and shoot (mostly because the sensor is awful in low light, and the flash is ugly, though I tend to avoid using flash anyway), but because of apps you can download for panoramas (amazing iphone panorama app), or easy uploads to picasa, or photo editing, or its neat new HDR feature.

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