Friday, April 16, 2010

Grand Cayman Photos

Part of our recent trend (post Scuba certi-fication) of island mini-vacations. Grand Cayman, known for its offshore banks and world class diving, small population (30,000 or so) and per capita gdp higher than the US. Stayed at the Reef Resort, on the quiet east side.

As recommended by a guide book, we tried not only the tourist food (which was surprisingly good, in a solid non-Contempo way) but also the local places, Bourdain style, which was also consistently yummy. The scuba did not disappoint, as well as their most famous tourist attraction, Sting Ray City. My photos here.

We probably had some of our best dives that we have had anywhere, with a dive down a miles deep reef wall (we only went about 100 ft ourselves) as well as exploring mazes of under-reef tunnels in more shallow waters.

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