Sunday, March 28, 2010

Florida Keys - Jan 2010

Photos from our 4 day jaunt to the Florida Keys over New Years Jan 2010 before the AEA meetings. Part of our series of dive vacations. Amazingly, despite our trips to exotic locales (Bali, Great Barrier Reef, etc.) some of the most impressive dives in terms of sheer quantity of sealife was here at Key Largo, just at the end of highway 95 at the southeastern tip of the US. As our luck would have it, we arrived in time for the cold snap (it was snowing it Atlanta those few days), so the beaches were not so pleasant, but the water was fine underwater (so long as we had a wet suit, R- wore two). Had lots of stone crab while we were down there, and as timing would have it, Bruni's review of his Miami favorites came out that weekend, so we got to try Michael's Genuine Food and Drink for some great contempo food before we left (great cocktails).

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