Sunday, December 28, 2008

Big Island, Hawaii - Honeymoon Photos Part II

The Koi Pond was at the beautiful Mauna Lani hotel, the kind of splurge hotel that you only justify the splurge on your honeymoon. We explored the pitch black lava tube cave that goes for miles underneath the rainforest in the Volcano National Park. It felt like being in dungeons and dragons. The green sand beach, (a beach where the sand was green as it is ground from a green volcanic [aka igneous] mineral found there), was made all the more spectacular, given the long dirt roads, windmills, and 4 miles (round trip) of spectacular ocean front trekking to get there.

Not pictured here, but the Waipi'o Valley, home of a black sand beach, and a spectacular waterfall is said to be a source of great Mana, or spiritual energy. You can certainly feel it when you are there. I can see why video game designers think that such Mana can be used to power magical spells, though I'm not sure if eating the dead is the best way to obtain it. Similar Mana can be found at the Pu`uhonua o Honaunau Place of Refuge where neat statues watch over the holy place where hawaiians could escape the dealt penalty for breaking oft-times capricious kapu laws, like in Highlander. Oh, and of course great food (even at the obligatory lu'au)!

Good times!

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