Friday, August 29, 2008

Fuerzabruta: populist modern dance and girls in skimpy frocks frolicking in water

No deep commentary here. R- and I wandered over to Tkts last week, given that her schedule this month at the hospital is relatively easy (no 36 hour shifts for a change). On my brother's rec, we picked up half priced tickets to Fuerzabruta, an off-broadway show that incorporates dance with a giant overhead swimming pool.

Instead of sitting passively in the audience, the audience stood on stage with the performers, in a space that was made to look and feel like a club complete with flashing lights and DJ.

(The water motif reminded me of this production of the metamorphoses I saw off broadway long ago, which reenacted Greek myths with modern dance in a theater of the round where the stage was a swimming pool).

Fuerzabruta was an even more extreme beast, that put the awe inspiring aerial gymnastics from the Olympic opening ceremony to shame. With dancers running and twisting and turning in mid air, conveyor belts subverting our notions of video reality into actual reality, and girls in skimpy frocks frolicking in a transparent pool of water suspending above our heads.

Shamelessly proletarian, there was very little high concept here, but just impressive ways to subvert our notions of dance and gravity, and to bring the energy of the dance floor (or a Matrix style planet rave) into a theater experience.

And despite the awful light conditions, the iPhone camera did admirably well.

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