Thursday, November 02, 2006

Shenandoah - A riot of color

- See the lake?
Ah, the money shot. The most perfect rainbow ever. Could see the whole thing, arcing over the sky carrying Iris into a field of multi-hued foliage, from easy greens, to candy oranges, to fiery reds.

Went to Shenandoah with R- last weekend for a quick day trip. Saw the foliage, did a couple hikes, explored the caverns, did a maze, tried to get to a winery, and had fabulous Vietnamese food at Huong Que. Quite different from the last time I visited.

Funny, grew up in the Northeast amidst the changing fall colors every year, never noticed their stunning beauty until after going away for a few years and coming back. Plus the influence of R- of course.

Though maybe it started at MIT, lying on a park bench on the T of Killian Court, admiring the way the light shined through the leaves, colors intersecting, like a collage of tissue paper, a mondrian painting or a pollack (To borrow a very appropose metaphor from R-).