Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Food photos 3: Further afield

Persian inspired ground turkey, tomatos, eggplant, parsley, green onions, onions, cashews, yogurt, served over rice.

Light sauce, chicken stock base, ginger, celery, raisins, cashews, used to steam broccoli (ideally broccoli rabe, or broccolini) with hand shredded roasted chicken breasts, finished with green onions, and parsley, crushed red pepper and salt over cappelini.

The ginger and celery flavored the soup nicely, with a nice sweetness from the raisins, fresh herbs, still very nice. Perfect with the thin pasta.

Tuna chili, corn, kidney beans, tofu, diced organic tomatos (canned), cumin, chili, salt, pepper, canned tuna, served over boiled napa cabbage, and topped with lowfat yogurt, green onions, and shredded cheese.

Crudite platter that accmopanies the lamb below. Lavash bread (inferior to Oakville variety), white mushrooms, avocado, campo de montalban cheese (spanish).

Too busy eating, to take a good photo. The dish prepared for R-. Roast lamb, dry marinated with basil, salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary, cooked to 135degrees medium rare, accompanied with roast vegetables, shitake (reconstitued in red wine and chicken stock) onions, cucumbers, green onions.

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